Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone apply for the course?

Yes, Just contact us at and register your interest

How often will I train?

There will be 4-8 training sessions a week and also separate development sessions, through strength and conditioning to individual training.

Will Gordon coach at the academy?

Gordon will be a regular face at the academy and will use his vast playing and coaching experience in the game to develop the students at the academy

Will I get a trial or be signed by a professional club?

We can not guarantee students will be signed or given trials at professional clubs. What we can guarantee however is that the players will be given every opportunity to develop and reach their full potential. If a player has the potential to trial or sign for a club, the staff at the academy have contacts within all levels of professional and semi-professional football to get players to clubs.

How do I apply?

Contact us at or via our Contact form 

When are the trials?

SFF hold trials in every half term holiday, except the Christmas half term. Our next trials are on the 8th and 12th April 2021. Please contact us to register your interest in our trial days.

Do I need my English and Maths GCSE's to attend?

We pride our programme to be open to everyone. If you do not attain Maths and English GCSE at level 4 or above we will give you the opportunity to retake and also conduct assessments to see whether you will start on a level 2 or level 3 qualification in your first year.